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            “I graduated from SUNY Purchase with a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature having written a senior thesis tastefully titled “Would a Princess Run Naked Down a Woodland Path?”  To briefly summarize 82 double-spaced pages while dodging the heavy feminist issues circulating through that essay: we’ve been spoon-fed sanitized magic for over 300 years.

            Before Disney, there were the Grimm Brothers, and before them, there was Charles Perrault.  Most people barely know there are variants to stories like Cinderella—in the year 900 in China, it was a very different story than mice and birds making a dress.  Forced morals, censored gore and sex—these are not the stories the rural folk of old told around campfires when the darkness closed in on them and they were as likely to be set on by wolves as to believe a neighbor was actually a werewolf.  In one of the oldest known versions of Red Riding Hood, she unknowingly eats her grandmother, but escapes the wolf through trickery at the sacrifice of her own decency, running naked all the way home.  Better that than dead.

            My interest is not in retelling those stories though.  You likely have a favorite version of Sleeping Beauty, whether the prince’s mother is an ogress or not.  Your preferred Red Riding Hood might have the title character wait for a woodsman to save her, post-dinner.  Their variants are well-documented and I may make my thesis public someday.  My interest on this site is to write stories that dig past the morals, past the censoring, to when the stories were warnings, sure, but they were scary and fun, and sometimes funny.  They might have been elegant or crude, or both at once, and full of monsters, fairies, wolves, and witches.  My interest is to tell new tales in an old way, to capture that kind of magic we’ve lost in the last few centuries, and to entertain you.”

                                                                                    Best wishes,

                                                                                    Darryl Fabia