Sunday, October 27, 2013

News: Hello, Stranger

Hey there, people.  Been a while.  Surprise news--I'm not dead!  Although if I was and still managed to post this, I'd consider it an accomplishment.

Anyway, between some financial issues and other kinds, work on the site and stories has kind of fallen behind.  At the moment I'm doing work on another novel, work ranging from light preference editing to heavy revision and rewrites, depending on the chapter.  I won't say all my time has been eaten, especially with some difficulties caused by the government shutdown, but it has been eating at my energy.

Let me be clear that the site is not over and done.  It's just not my top priority right now and my creative energy is mainly being put towards this other project.  I still intend to write stories to post on Looking for the Witch.  But I don't know when, or what they'll be--more fairy tales?  Perhaps.  Not sure if they'll be like the ones already on the site or something else entirely.  Or a mish-mash.  It's hard to say.  I do what to continue entertaining the people who come here to read a good story.  I appreciate everyone who has been following for this long.

I will be posting a story this week.  I unfortunately can't promise when the next one will come.

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