Sunday, June 16, 2013

Children of the White Wolf - on sale

I'm not sure how long this will be the case, but Children of the White Wolf in paperback is on sale at for $13.49.  Get it while it's at reduced price!

From the back:
In thirteen years of children’s homes and orphanages, Alice Krimbly never had a problem she couldn’t fight through. Her outlook was simple—hit the other kid until everyone left her alone. Then one fight gets her transferred to White Wolf Valley and her whole world changes. Her caretakers always told her that monsters don’t exist.

They were wrong.

Now Alice is running, because she can’t win fights against shadowy demons, cannibalistic children, and a witch who turns orphans into pigs. Not alone. Into her life explodes Fauve Maxime, a girl whose violent past without tea parties and playing princess has turned her into a loudmouthed delinquent. She’s of a mind that running and hiding won’t keep anyone safe in White Wolf. When Alice realizes she’s been cursed by the witch, she has no choice but to stand against the evils of the valley and the ancient presence they feed.


Anonymous said...

Why? Why would you put this book on Kindle? And why would you let me buy it the day before I have to go back to work? And WHY would you let me stay up ALL NIGHT reading it? :( I loved this book Mr. Fabia, I truly did. I loved everything about it.


Darryl Fabia said...


I'm sorry you had to work the next day, but I'm elated you kept at it. Some of my most treasured reading memories are from books that kept me up deep into the night because I HAD to know what happened or I'd stress-dream about the possible awful things that could happen next. Your love of the book means a lot to me.

I apologize for the lateness of this reply--for some reason Blogger didn't tell me I had any new comments. I'll have to start scouring the post line myself. Thank you for reading, Echo.