Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News: December Schedule

I hope you all enjoyed The Bella Complex as a change of pace.  There will be more non-fairy tales in the future, but December 2012 isn't a month for that.  There isn't as much new content as usual, but as I mentioned before, I'd like to focus more time on future novels, so short story posts won't be as frequent as before.

If you're hungry for content and you haven't read it yet, I recommend seeking out my debut novel, Children of the White Wolf, available in print or ebook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

As for December:

  • Wednesday, December 5 –  Krampus the Generous (repost)
  • Wednesday, December 12 –  The Cobbler of Kings
  • Wednesday, December, 19 –  Where the Winter Goes

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