Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News: Stories, Barnes & Noble

Some of you who looked at the October schedule may have been confused when a story "The Necromancer's Girls" didn't appear today, and not only was it not what was scheduled, but not a fairy tale (or its ilk).  There were some behind the scenes complications with the listed story and while I wish I could have posted something more festive for this time of year, I wanted to post something, so one of December's posts got an early jump.

Next month's updates will also be of the non-fairy tale variety.  I'll be posting a story where a father is worried over his daughter's mental health in a time when a psychological ailment has been identified, caused by the Twilight novels, and makes a desperate choice.  I felt it was fair to give you long-time readers a heads-up on the changes in content.

Fairy tales will still appear on the site from time to time, but interspersed with other stories, such as more general horror, fantasy, science fiction, and even fairy tales set in a more modern time period.  I promise there will be at least a new fairy tale in December and I will do my best to be sure the schedule is accurate in the coming months.

In other news, the paperback for my horror-fantasy novel Children of the White Wolf is now available on Barnes & Noble and can be ordered into their brick and mortar stores.

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