Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hinterland Event, Other News

Here's a big box of books:

Children of the White Wolf aplenty, which you can purchase yourself right now in paperback from Amazon, and in ebook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

 Also underneath those are a few copies of A Path Far Away and in another box we have Don't Let the Fairies Eat You.

Despite recent injury, I'll be trucking a bunch of these books to the Open Hearth Foundation on Friday, October 12th at 8:00 p.m. where the Hinterland event will take place, a performance/dramatic reading of several wild stories, including a few Looking for the Witch fairy tales.  Click the link above if you're interested in attending for details and address.  You'll want to take the Blue Line or Orange Line to Stadium Armory Metro, then take C Street E (or D Street E and make a turn) to Massachusetts Ave SE.  Continue up that street for a while and you'll see a blue liquor store on the right, which shares the building with the OHF.  It's sure to be an entertaining evening.

There will be some site layout changes coming soon.  At the top, you'll notice the novel is the featured subject currently.  Later, other subjects will take over that space, being new stories, important announcements, blog posts of significance, or other things I'd like to promote.  I'm working on the site's direction at the moment, trying to balance my need for time to work on novels with the necessity for content, along with branching out into non-fairy tale space.  Bear with us as we work on making improvements.

In a more significant change, the Books page has been fixed.  It was once took you to an error page and has probably been doing that for several months.  Now it takes you to a page full of Darryl Fabia-authored books and clicking on the images will take you to those books' pages, where you'll learn about the books and want the books and find links for where to buy those books.  You should go there now if you haven't seen the details of the fairy tale collections, or if you don't have them yourself.

Lastly, the Kindle download for A Path Far Away has been reduced to 99 cents.  Twenty stories for less than a dollar.  Grab that if you haven't.

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