Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Children of the White Wolf

Darryl Fabia's debut novel, a 400+ page piece of horror-fantasy, Children of the White Wolf, is available in paperback from Amazon, and in ebook from Amazon and Barnes and NobleBoth are DRM free and the latter is in ePub format, meaning even if you don't have a Nook, you can put it on the device that owns your heart in particular (such as an Apple product).
In thirteen years of children’s homes and orphanages, Alice Krimbly never had a problem she couldn’t fight through. Her outlook was simple—hit the other kid until everyone left her alone. Then one fight gets her transferred to White Wolf Valley and her whole world changes. Her caretakers always told her that monsters don’t exist.

They were wrong.

Now Alice is running, because she can’t win fights against shadowy demons, cannibalistic children, and a witch who turns orphans into pigs. Not alone. Into her life explodes Fauve Maxime, a girl whose violent past without tea parties and playing princess has turned her into a loudmouthed delinquent. She’s of a mind that running and hiding won’t keep anyone safe in White Wolf. When Alice realizes she’s been cursed by the witch, she has no choice but to stand against the evils of the valley and the ancient presence they feed.

If you're one of those crafty people who searched and saw the Smashwords version, I didn't go through with that for various reasons, but you'll see it would've been $4.99.  That's going to be the regular eBook price later, even though it's not now.  It will be $3.99 for a limited time only.  Didn't want to punish early buyers with a sale later, so I decided to start with the sale.

Translation: go get the book!  If you like horror, if you like contemporary/urban fantasy, if you like my work here, it can be yours.  And if you're not sure, download a free sample from either of those sites--it'll run you through most of the first five chapters, plus the prologue.

I want to give thanks to certain people.  First my wife, for not only fighting with me over the book, but always supporting me.  Thanks also to momijigirl, the wonderful and talented artist who made the work of art you see on the book's cover.  Then, YOU people.  Throughout some of the many hellish points of this year, writing fairy tales for you has kept me sane and your feedback has always been welcome.  There are going to less of those stories now, but I promise to continue posting content of varying kinds, but always of the creative breed.  There will continue to be new stories.  I just need time to keep at it with the novels.

But don't worry about that right now.  Buy this one.  Read it.  Enjoy it.  Tell me how I did, or don't.  I can't be the boss of everything.  In any case, I leave you with Children of the White Wolf to do as you will.

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