Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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There is no writing portion for Children of the White Wolf this week, and there won't be any more since the novel's release will be within a few short weeks.  So have a description and the cover art.

This is not the back of the book blurb (not exactly).  This is special description just for you LFTW-folk.  This is a story about Alice Krimbly, an orphan struggling to be left to herself who can't keep out of fights.  One fight gets her transferred to White Wolf Valley, where her life changes.  Her caretakers always told her monsters don't exist.

They were wrong.

Some News

Children of the White Wolf is my first novel, and it's a bit different than the fairy tales you're used to seeing here.  Anyone who has read the samples has probably noticed that it takes place in a modern city, in our time, rather than a medieval castle or woods of the middle ages.  I hope you'll all give it a chance just the same.  That said, it's one novel and I'd like to write more, which takes time away from writing fairy tales.  You may have noticed that the Schedule page isn't telling you any info.  Updates are going to be a bit sporadic, so I recommend checking in often or using an RSS feed to keep track of posts.  The schedule posted for this month will go up as before (with the parts of the story mentioned), but once October hits, we're in for a whirlwind.  You'll be kept in the loop.

Anyway, you didn't come for that.  You want cover art!

Artwork was done by the masterful Momijigirl, who has previously done work for the site as seen in Wedding the White Death and The Respected Harionago.

Children of the White Wolf is set for release October 2, 2012, but considering the many channels it has to travel to release in varying places, odds are you might be able to find it a little earlier than that.  Still, that's when I'll be announcing the release and posting links to where you can purchase it in print or ebook.

More News

A few days later, October 12, 2012 to be specific, I'll be at the Open Hearth Foundation in organization in Washington, D.C., a center supporting pagan practices and the arts.  I'll be selling books at a discount and there will be a dramatic reading of several works, including some of the fairy tales (both from the site and book exclusive).  I'll have copies of the novel there as well.  Book signings--I do those.

Unrelated Right Now

That's enough stuff to wait for, yeah?  How about something you can get imminently.  Amanda Palmer's new album has just shot out the music storm.  Theatre is Evil is the result of her record-breaking Kickstarter project, highlighting what independent artists are capable of in this day and age.

This is the future of art itself.  So support her (and do it for yourself too; it's a rocking album).

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