Monday, March 26, 2012

A Path Far Away: Looking for the Witch, Volume 2

You cannot go home.

Ahead you’ll find a forest, where a girl lies about a party to feed a monster and a hunter’s sickly son swears he’s seen an evil shadow. To the left you’ll see the cities, where one lord advises a family to move a mountain and another pleads for a king to kill a strange elephant. To the right you may spot a desert where the phoenix searches for love and a magical goat searches for something to eat. Above you might notice a great, dark cloud and the people soaring into it, or the river of light that dips into a special watering hole.

You may think you can turn around and head back the way you traveled, but your way would be blocked by the bodies, some killed by plague and others chopped apart by a madwoman’s axe.  On this path, you may find these sights and more, but you will not find a way back.

This path cannot lead you home.

A Path Far Away is available now on the Kindle for $0.99 and on in paperback for $7.99.

Cover art and interior illustrations by Julie Fabia.

Stories appearing exclusively in this book include (alphabetically):

-Blessing of the White Elephant
-Bokoraru and the Untold Universe
-The Cloud Thief
-For Love of Ogres
-Love Itself
-Lucky Brass Monkeys
-The Moon Lotus and the Magic Rope
-Moving the Mountain 
-Othcliffe and the Plague
-The Phoenix Heart
-The Proper Feet
-The Sunless Season
-The Watering Hole for All

See below for a complete list of stories and their descriptions: 

The Respected Harionago – An empress’s trash may be a demon’s treasure.

Tupilaq – A cannibalized clan must choose between their lives and everything they hold dear.

Elverkonge – He hunts in wind and shadow and cold, seeking not birds or beasts, but little boys.

Othcliff and the Plague – With his farm ruined, his family dead, and the plague monsters on their way, Othcliff decides he has little lose by trusting a witch and eating a girl’s heart.

Anyone’s Chance – They say Raele can choose anyone as her lover.  Jadin says she can’t choose anyone but him.

The Proper Feet – The lord likes women with tiny feet and Meing will do anything to ensure he likes her daughters.

The Cloud Thief – A storm cloud full of precious rain descends on the desert, but it aims to take life, not to give.

Love Itself – Once his heart is broken, no woman will do for Norn.  He sets his sights instead on the source of all the love in the world.

Blessing of the White Elephant – Having lost friends, allies, and money, Lord Sarem thinks his life can’t get any worse.  Then the king gives him a strange elephant.

A Walking House – A young witch copies the spells of Baba Yaga … or tries to.

Moving the Mountain – All say the farm is doomed, except the farmer’s wife, who has one crazy idea that just might work.

The Moon Lotus and the Magic Rope – A lecherous sultan desires one woman too many when the moon’s daughter descends on his city.

The Watering Hole for All – A hunter hears of a place where all creatures gather, even the monster that killed his wife.

The Phoenix Heart – The hunt for love leads the phoenix to strange forms and a stranger fate.

The Sunless Season – Darkness.  Cold.  Madness.  The month without the sun is hard enough on Enric’s clan, before the stranger arrives with a curse on his lips.

Ffion the Appeaser – Her lies can get her out of trouble as quickly as they drag her back into it.

For Love of Ogres – Azdia’s youngest son is in love with a human girl, which wouldn’t be so bad if he was human himself.

The Goat of Old – Faced with the extinction of his kind, a magical goat tries eating his way to eternal life.

Lucky Brass Monkeys – A con artist wins a fortune, but not the kind he wants.

Bokoraru and the Untold Universe – A young lion seeks the creature that stole his mother’s soul, but finds himself in Death’s domain.

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