Saturday, March 31, 2012

News: Thanks, Comments, and Schedule

This week marked the release of A Path Far Away, the second volume of Looking for the Witch.  If you haven't yet, you can purchase your copy from Amazon in eBook or Paperback.

A big thanks goes out to Is It Amazing? for promoting Don't Let the Fairies Eat You this past week.

Another thanks goes to the writer of the Derp Panda Blog for reviewing A Path Far Away upon its release.

A note on comments: Because there is no direct reply system, you will not be emailed when I respond to a comment, however, I make every effort to respond to all comments, so check back in a day from leaving yours and you should see an answer.  I do read all comments.

Finally, the April 2012 schedule has been posted on the Schedule page, and I'll post it here too for good measure:

  • Wednesday, April 4 – Falcon
  • Wednesday, April 11 – Death-Face, Part 1
  • Wednesday, April 18 – Death-Face, Part 2
  • Wednesday, April 25 – Death-Face, Part 3


Anonymous said...

OOooh, 3 parts.

Darryl Fabia said...

@Anonymous 4-1-12

Indeed! It's a big one.