Friday, March 2, 2012

News: March Schedule

The March schedule is up on the Schedule page, and also right here in this post (I've decided I'll now do both).

  • Monday, March 5 – Tupilaq
  • Monday, March 12 – The Goat of Old
  • Tuesday, March 20 – The Phoenix Heart
  • Tuesday, March 27A Path Far Away: Looking for the Witch, Volume 2 Release Day


Anonymous said...

I was away for a bit and when I come back THREE stories to catch up on! Oh frabjous day! All very good, I'm sometimes beside myself with these stories. They have me bouncing in my seat.

Darryl Fabia said...


Happy to have you bouncing.

Schedule's getting a slight rearrangement since your posting this though. Won't change the stories, of course. Thank you for your support, Echo!

And now I must prove I'm not a robot on my own blog while logged in.