Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Itself

   Below you'll find an illustration for this story, which you can read in A Path Far Away available in eBook and paperback.
Illustration by Darryl Fabia.


Nora said...

Very cool concept of love, and I am really fond of Dansi and Lyri's continued appearances.

Darryl Fabia said...

Thanks! Those twins are kind of the stars of the time of giants setting.

SteewpidZombie said...

I really enjoyed this story as once again as Nora said, it had the Twins make another appearance. But I also enjoyed how the story maintained the grim/gory contents as usual, yet kept a topic such as love so strongly in the center.

Darryl Fabia said...

I'd say grim and gory fits right in with love in many cases.

And I'm glad Dansi and Lyri have some fans.