Sunday, October 30, 2011

News: Slight Change of Site

Greetings!  You may have noticed a little change in the look of things, slightly.

As you can see, the news is no longer on a separate blog.  Much as I hate to deviate from that cool Steampunk Town background, I've been wanting to get the news on the site proper.  You'll still find the most recent story down here, but you'll also find news updates--whatever they may be.  Any news post will have a little "News" note at the front (as you can see in the title of this post).

The old post full of buttons is gone.  You'll now find the buttons for the most recent stories above the news post.  Looking for a tale that's no longer recent?  You can find it on the last button, or on the All Stories page, which also links to an alphabetical list if image buttons aren't your thing.

I've also added a Schedule page, which I intend to update each month so you'll know when the next story (or section of one) will post to the site.  I'll make a news post whenever the page has been updated (which it has now).

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